Hello Family & Friends!

Welcome to our Southern African blog.

If you’ve got this far I guess you are interested – or at least slightly curious – but I’m willing to bet (and I don’t bet!) that you’re nowhere near as excited as we are about this trip.

A few words about the layout. The page is in 3 sections:

  • Left column: a sort of page-a-day diary. Currently each page contains just a nice picture and a brief summary of the day’s itinerary but as we go through the trip we will add, internet availability permitting,  hopefully interesting pictures and chat.To see what has happened, or what is going to happen, on a particular day, just click on it!
  • Middle column: The Display Area. Whatever page you click on will be displayed here.
  • Right column: We really, really hope you will contact us with your comments, messages of endearment, promises of money – whatever. A chronological index to your messages will be displayed here so you can look at what others have said. If you don’t want your message made public like this let us know.You can send us a message by just clicking on
    Leave a Comment

    which appears just after this paragraph.For other ways of sending us a message, click here.

11 responses to “Hello Family & Friends!

  1. Jan & Paddy, hi
    Have a good trip. We will be thinking about you on our trip to Majorca at the end of October.
    Your site has been bookmarked and we will stay in touch with your travels and comment in an appropriate manner ;-P

    Best Wishes

    Martin and Alison

  2. Have a great time – will check on your progress. Don’t forget to wear your trainers when you’re near the lions. Phil n Liz

  3. Looking forward to enjoying your journey with you.

  4. Look forward to viewing your scrap-book/photo album as it evolves. Not sure what use the trainers will be, when in close proximity to lions. I’d recommend full body armour!
    Stay safe and well and have a wonderful time. Love Sue

  5. The trainers joke is long standing between Phil & myself as a contender for the world’s best joke. He has transposed it from Canada to Africa for this blog, but the original goes something like:
    “Two friends walking in the outback in Canada come across an angry grizzly bear who is obviously going to attack them. One of the guys drops to his knees and starts tightening the laces on his trainers. The other looks at him aghast and says:
    “Why are you bothering with that? We’re doomed! You can’t outrun a grizzly”
    The first guy replies:
    “I don’t need to outrun the grizzly!!

  6. Well hello to you both what a great idea – and it is good to see a picture of you so we know who we have been speaking to! Thankyou for including me in your mailing list – I shall definitely be looking regularly to see some of the fabulous pictures you will be taking, and hear about your experiencesI I hope you have an absolutely amazing time (yes I am jealous) ….and definitely keep those trainers tied lol, Kate

  7. Paddy & Jan
    Hope you arrived safely. Just to let you know that since you left the UK it has been the hottest September for years. Not sure if that’s a coincidence – but you aren’t the only ones enjoying hot weather. I guess we haven’t got the lion though but my trainers are in good shape just in case!
    Look forward to the pictures when you next reach civilisation.

    Steve & Ilanah

  8. Hi Both
    Can’t believe you’ve been gone so long! Having a rare day at home, so time to catch up with other people’s lives. Enjoy your trip – it looks amazing -hope your traveling companions (of the human variety) are proving congenial
    Gill and Bob

  9. Hi Mum and Dad, Hope you are still having an amazing time. victoria fall looks amazing, you have some great photos. Mum I have been eating lots of your jam, it is wonderful, i don’t ever want to eat normal jam again.

    big love Ad x x

  10. hi mum and dad hopeu ok because i havnt heard from u 😦 😦 everything ok here love u lots havnt got much to tell u really apartfrom ivgot new windows now hahahahaha miss u lots xx

  11. Last Day! Sitting in an Danielle’s Coffee Shop in Melbokstrand looking at the Southern Atlantic rushing in from far away and crashing into Table Mountain. We both think it’s been a fantastic experience and are feeling somewhat emotional about it coming to an end. Don’t really know at the moment how to cap this.

    We both hope you have found the blog interesting. We will be updating it – perhaps – and are looking forward to reconecting with you all on our return. African Hugs , Jan & Paddy

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