Day 15 – Sunday 9 October

Kasane – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – 80km

A short drive takes us into Zimbabwe to another wonder of the Earth – Victoria Falls where we will spend 2 nights!


Day 15 Kasane to Victoria Falls

 Only 90km, but included 90 minutes dealing with the Zimbabwe bureaucracy at the border. Unbelievably crowded, chaotic and convoluted, with mandatory charges way in excess of what Carefree had led us to believe but a group experience we all survived apart from one blip when for 2 minutes I thought my passport had been stolen! It turned up in Jan’s hand – she thought it was hers!!

Currently in the campsite in the town of Victoria Falls waiting for the temperature to drop before we replenish our US dollars supply – the preferred local currency – after our expensive border experience. We are being harassed by the locals – hawkers and baboons – and even camp-site security has tried to sell us motif tee-shirts.


Got our dollars and went to the campsite restaurant (called In-Da-Belly – some sort of pastiche on the colonial heritage) for crocodile stew – but decided on fish & chips instead.


Tomorrow we’re off to the falls – one of the wonders of the world!!




3 responses to “Day 15 – Sunday 9 October

  1. Surely you came out with the immortal “I would like a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy”!

  2. Nick & Sue Hogue

    Followed your travels with interest. Fantastic. Enjoyed the banter from the ‘lesser-cultured-grahamwatson’.We had a terrific cycling jaunt along the Po valley ending up in Venice. I fully expect to see Paddy’s head mounted as a lounge room trophy before the trip ends. Terrific that so far the trip exceeds your expectations. Love and kisses from us to Gnu.

  3. Hi both, just logged onto your blog as we have been cycling in Italy. Your trip looks fantastic, Nick commented that he thought we might see Paddy’s head mounted as a trophy! He was also disappointed that Graham has used his favourite joke – Enjoy the rest of your trip and love and kisses from us to Gnu. X

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