Day 18 – Wednesday 12 October

Katima Mulilo – Caprivi – 379km

Long driving day and need to arrive at Mahangu Lodge in time for a Sunset boat trip on the Okavango River.

Day 18 Katima Mulilo to Caprivi

350 miles along the Caprivi strip

Hi All, Jan here, giving Paddy a day off. Just want to say we would be pleased for any comments, so we know people are following our journey. Wi Fi access is a bit thin on the ground in Namibia, along with fuel stops, ATM’s and towns of any sort so sorry if we are a bit slow in updating.

Driving today was on reasonable roads, impossible to go wrong as the directions were drive for 300kms then turn left onto dirt road and drive until you reach Mahangu Lodge. This country is incredible you at first think that there is nothing for miles and miles but as you become attuned to the bush you become aware that there are lots of villages made up of little huts with fences to keep the animals safe at night. Talking about animals, they are another hazard we have to look out for, in Botswana they were usually accompanied by young boys with bits of red cloth to wave at you, but here herds of goats and cattle wander aimlessly into the road. Occasionally you see a carcase of a donkey or a cow by the side of the road as well as rusting cars abandoned where they broke down or crashed. Anyway reached the camp without any problems and had a boat trip up the Okavango river, usual Hippo’s crocs etc but also magnificent bird life.



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