Day 20 – Friday 14 October

Grootfontein – Etosha 167km

Etosha National Park – one of the ‘oldest conservation areas in Africa’  – huge salt pans, elephant and zebra, springbok and the possibility of lions.

Day 20 Grootfontein to Namutoni Camp 167km

Shortish drive today. Stopped in Grootfontein for supplies – gin, chocolate and other bush essentials – but life in the outback is not all luxury, the Cpucimnno machine was broken! Loaded up the motorhome and tipped the laddie who was looking after it 3 Namibian dollars the standard rate, and he did protect us from (most of!) the other street hawkers except a most persistent one who had to be firmly dealt with (with my colonial hat on).

Jan not well with a bit of a chest infection, but we still decided to visit the mining town of Tsemweb on the way. Charming place. Light, clean and airy and redolent with the smell of Jacaranda blossom, which is a bit of an African spring icon.

Finally into Etosha National Park which some experts claim to be the best in Africa! Our first night was at Namutoni camp, an old German ‘Foreign Legion’ style fort. Baking hot (over 42degC) so spent the evening in the waterhole bar – which is literally that, a bar overlooking a real waterhole watching an elephant be really nasty to the surrounding vegetation. Retuned to motorhome to find the orange overlander from the previous evening just across the way, and another, slightly smaller, just next door to us. All full of young people, but Jan says the boys were not very attractive!



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