Day 21 – Saturday 15 October

Namutomi – Halali 90km

Leisurely drive through the park by a variety of routes passing waterholes.

Day 21 Namutoni Camp to Halali Camp 90km + diversions

Just travelling in the park to see what wildlife we could. We had been told that a good strategy would be to visit waterholes as shown on our map. As usual, we seem to be unable to start as early as our colleagues but had some success spotting the beasts. At lunchtime we visited the ‘Etosha Lookout’ – a viewing platform overlooking a huge desolate salt pan which, when the rains come, will transform into a vibrant pageant of colour and flamingos. At the moment however, it is one of the bleakest places we have seen.

Went to another waterhole for lunch and it was full of springbok – until a hyena arrived for a refreshing swim! The springbok retreated, and we shut the van door!

Tried a couple more waterholes on the way to camp, and on the approach to the final one met a car coming towards us. He flagged us down to tell us that just round the next coner was a family of elephants. He had turned round, but the Rileys are made of sterner stuff and pressed on round the corner – where we met a group of 6 elephants. 3 juveniles and 3 protective, huge adults. They gave us a severe admonishing look to let us know who owned the road. Jan executed a splendid multi-point turn in a very narrow road which attracted the admiration of the tour leader who had followed us in!

In the evening we visited the camp waterhole. In the first session before tea we spotted our first leopard – astonishing – and we managed to get a fuzzy photo in the dusk. The second session was magical! Started with a rabbit,but moved on to a giraffe and a family of four rhino doing something quite socially complex. However, this all came to an end when a troupe of 10 performing elephants thundered in and proceeded to take over the place. Don’t tell the lions, but I think that they are not the real Kings of the Jungle.








One response to “Day 21 – Saturday 15 October

  1. Not read your diary in detail yet, just skimmed through, but have noted a couple of low points. The highs, and amazing sightings of animals, obviously will have more than compensated. A real holiday of a lifetime and still more to come. Off to Mum’s today, after a traumatic week of shed roof blowing off, death of college friend and buying a new car and selling mine on to Nicola (she’s getting a bargain- it scrubbed up well.) Will catch up when i get back. Mum has been fascinated following your adventures at John Ridleys!

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