Day 22 – Sunday 16 October

Halali to Etosha Safari Camp – 100km

Still in Etosha. All the day-book can tell us about this place is that there is a bar full of ‘authentic South African bric-a-brac’. Looking forward to it!

Day 22

Halali-Etosha Safari Camp

Final day in Etosha we intended to get up early and go up to the water hole but having had a late night Rhino watching slept in until 6.30, woke up just in time to see some of our group leaving.

Rushed to get on the road, out the gates and immediately spotted a Rhino in the distance. Not far down the road we spotted a pride of lions with their early morning kill (or what was left of it)

we counted nine adults and a number of cubs that made our morning. We continued through the park stopping at water holes, this being the dry season large numbers of animals use these. At one stop, where we made coffee there must have been 300 zebra along with springbok, gemsbok and lots of bird life, a wonderful morning. Arrived at our camp having survived 40+ degrees to cool off in the pool and swap animal stories with the rest of the group.








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