Day 24 – Tuesday 18 October

Khorixas to Uis – 166km

Further into Damaraland and some of the most historic areas of Namibia. Attractions include

  • Petrified Forest garden of petrified tree trunks 34m long, 6m circumference and ~ 260 million years old!
  • Twyfelfontein extensive galleried rock art thought to be ~6000 years old

Day 24 Khorixas to Uis ~134km

Still ‘just travelling’, but today it was on gravel roads where we could only average 40km/hour. Stunning scenery in Damaraland, but the inhabitants have a harsh existance. Groups of bare breasted women by the deserted roadside willing to pose for photographs with passing tourists. Our camp is in Uis which used to have a thriving tin mine but this ceased to produce round about the time the South Africans pulled out in 1990’s when there was a also big drop in the price of tin. Thus far the Namibians have not been able to reopen this particular mineral resource. Went for a short walk into the bush and came across a fish farm project being run by the local schoolchildren!










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