Day 29 – Sunday 23 October

Solitaire to Sesriem – 84km

The Sesriem Canyon is close to the campsite and the spectacular Sossusvlei  depression, lined by some of the highest dunes in the world, is 63km away.


Day 29 Solitaire to Sesriem


Short drive today to Sesriem which is the gateway to the Namib Desert National park, sand and gravel road but not to bad. Arrived first with our driving buddies to be directed to our camping pitch, bit of consternation to find all eight campers had to share the same pitch. Paddy questioned the staff to find out they thought we were an overlander, on arriving Alan our tour leader managed to secure another pitch but we were still quite cosy as we huddled for shade under our Mimosa tree. Don’t know if we have mentioned that although the temperature


can be in excess of 40 degrees being spring the trees are not yet in full leaf so we sometimes struggle for shade. After settling in a number of us went to visit the Sesriem Canyon and then early to bed as we will be up at 5a.m. (see tomorrow)


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