Day 3 – Tuesday 27 September

Johannesburg to Wallmantshall – 75km

Collect motorhomes and travel to first campsite in Wallmantshall, just north of Pretoria

After a very sociable group meal we were all up early and more or less bright eyed for the first day with the vehicles! Bobo Campers introduced us to the motorhomes and we introduced them to out credit cards.

Off onto the highway – with a creatively schematic set of directions to the supermarket for stocking up. The shop contained everything under the sun(28degC) EXCEPT beer and spirits. For this we need to go to a Bottle Shop!! Alan, who has obviously dealt with our ilk before, provided beer at very reasonable rates.

Travelled a short 75k along a very Western road populated by non-westerners. We are not in Europe, but have not yet left behind Western trappings. Under Pat, Alan & Roland’s guidance the group’s natural enthusiasm and energy is beginning to show the signs of a potentialy very interisting dynamic!

Tranquil, warm evening. Monkeys shrieking in the distance. Threw some meat onto the braai (sp?) and downed some South African wine. A full day on the road tomorrow towards Krugher and Malarone (malaria tablets!). Jan insists that she is going to drive our automatic motorhome.



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