Day 34 – Friday 28 October

Ais Ais to Springbok, South Africa – 260km

Back into South Africa – the East Coast Region, which contains the Goegap Nature Reserve.

Day 34 Ai-Ais to Springbok, South Africa 300km

Woke up to a glorious morning and were having breakfast in the van with all the doors open when a baboon decided to join us. Jan saw it off!

Our last day in Namibia – and our last 70km of dirt road. Reached the border at Noordoewer without incident and spent just 45 minutes getting through. Much more difficult leaving Namibia with a hire car than entering it. It is a relief that we will not have to take the van across any more country boundaries – 5 has been more than enough! South Africans very thorough about checking for extra people in the van. It appears that the height of some of our vehicles was incorrectly indicated on the windscreen (indicated height too low) when they went under a barrier. No damage done, and Jan and I were ok as we had not been misled by the height indication in our van – there was none – so we decided to take the lorry channel. Smug or what!

Smooth tarmac road to the town of Springbok – a largish mining town in the middle of nowhere. It was a bit like Mardi-Grass and when we asked the reason for all the excitement, we were told that it was the last Friday of the month – pay day!


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