Day 38 – Tuesday 1 November

Melkbosstrand to Capetown – 27km

Return the vehicles and take a cocah to the airport.

Tuesday 1st November
Depart Capetown 2020

Wednesday 2nd November
Arrive Heathrow 0655


7 responses to “Day 38 – Tuesday 1 November

  1. Martin & Alison Wilson

    So we guess it is welcome home even if it the blog is a few entries short? It sounds as though you have enjoyed your adventure and will no doubt have to sit through the pictures over a glass or two of wine when you have caught back up with a life of tarmac roads, hot and cold running water and mains electricity.

    See you soon.

  2. Did you get the coca through customs? That’s not to be sniffed at.

  3. Hi, they say better late than never…I’ve just read your blog, backwards!
    Sorry, as you know we were away ourselves for 4weeks of your trip and its been a bit hectic since we’ve been back.
    You certainly seem to have had ‘a holiday of a life time’some fabulous memories and new friends made.Not to mention a few hairy moments. I look forwards to hearing more, first hand.
    I’m glad you are home, hopefully safely, and probably having a well deserved rest. Bet you’ll not be driving for a bit!
    Lots of love, Chris xx

  4. Geoff and Diane Spencer

    Any photos of us in your collection?

    Geoff and Diane

  5. Hello!
    Are you actually in the country? Yes, lots of photos – how much will you pay me not to publish?

    Seriously, we’ve not got round to sorting through them, but hope to do so before Christmas. Will be in touch

  6. Hi Jan and Paddy, We finaly got to read all your blog ,it is very skillfully done and you really got the feel of Africa,we enjoyed your company and would be delighted to see you both again in the future.
    Best Regards and Happy Christmas
    Pat and Alan

  7. Thank’s for the kind words. So you’re back in the country in time for a family Christmas! Well done! Hope the second trip went well with sufficient incident to keep you entertained but not too much to detract from the experience. Did you bring John & Sally back with you, or have they stayed out there for ANOTHER 3 months.
    Happy New Year, Jan & Paddy

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