Day 4 – Wednesday 28 September

Wallmantshall to Sabie – 360km

North West through Dullstroom and Long Tom Pass.

Thing to See and Do

  • Drakensberg Mountains
  • Panorama Route
  • Sudwala Caves and Waterfalls
  • Pilgims Route


Early start (last but one to leave!) for 360k trip to Sabie. We all left at different times over a period of 90 minutes but somehow contrived to arrive at Sabie within 10 minutes of each other. In SA you can only buy spirits and beer at licensed outlets which are few and far between, especially compared with the UK. After 2 hours driving we spotted one of these ‘Bottle Shops’ at Dulstroom only to find 5 of our group already there!

Went through the extrordinary scenic ‘Long Tom’ pass, nearly ran over baboons and saw wilderbeast. Arrived here at ‘Merry Pebbles’ and enjoyed their ‘hot pool’. Evening meeting somewhat ribald because of some peoples’ navigation abilities.

Things are getting more scenic, and more African. Tomorrow we appproach Kruger through the Blyde River canyon.


2 responses to “Day 4 – Wednesday 28 September

  1. Well we are having an Indian Summer here so I have been sunbathing! Your holiday looks very interesting but strenuous! Hope all well. Sue

  2. Tracey, Chris and boys

    I hope you stocked up at the ‘Bottle Shop’, not as easy as Laithwaites and I don’t think they deliver to Africa! How was the Blyde River canyon? Would love to see some pictures. Tracey & boys x

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