Day 6 – Friday 30 September

Blydepoort to Satara – 193km

Satara is in the Kruger National Park!

We can expect to see the Big Five

  • elephant
  • lion
  • buffalo
  • rhino
  • leopard

but we have received no advice as to dealing with them, for example how do we get them on the BBQ!


Today was the start of the African animal adventure. We set off from Blydepoort to the Kruger National Park heading for Letaba Rest camp (change in itinerary). Met up with some of the group at Orpen Gate as we have been advised not to travel alone through the park in case of breakdowns (needs two men to change a wheel on these motor homes).

Once through the gates the excitement began as we strained our eyes searching the bush for our first sightings “Oh look Impala” we cried, Impala, Impala, Impala. Oh not another flipping Impala, but we soon had our first sightings of giraffe, baboon, elephant and even a group of lions beside a water hole.

All this stopping for photo oportunities was making progress slow, there is also a speed limit throughout the park, so after a brief lunch stop at Satara rest camp we quickened our pace to reach Letaba as we had an sunset safari (3 hours) starting at 4 pm.

All made it in time and rushed up to the gates to be driven by Oscar (with gun) in open sided 4 wheel drive. No sooner were we out the gates when we met two male elephants crossing the road ahead of us one was a juvenile approx 17yrs and the other an adult. The elephants decided to show us who was boss and blocked the road for some time (great oppportunity for photos) before ambling off to the river.

I could go on at great length but will only mention one other sighting which involved a young male lion heading off to hunt. He was on the road heading in our direction and we did notice that the driver wound up his window as he approached; this was a little worrying as we had no windows to wind up and he passed within a metre of the vehicule giving us disdainful looks as we followed him down the road (see the picture) Back to camp and in bed by 10.00pm.


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