Day 7 – Saturday 1 October

Satara to Letaba Rest Camp – 69km

A full day in the Kruger with its vast diversity of species

  • 336 trees
  • 49 fish
  • 34 amphibians
  • 114 reptiles
  • 507 birds
  • 147 mammals

Woke up in Letaba Camp in the Kruger. Our destination that day was Shingwedzi camp. Set off with our ‘road buddies’ and followed the tarmac for 40km then onto a ‘washboard’ road for the next 60km. Talk about rattling the fillings! Average speed 20kph My idea – and for the first 40k no sightings!! Then we turned a corner onto a river with water and the whole thing changed. It was like David Attenborough on speed! Elephant, Hippo, crocodiles, buffalo, birds of every colour, deer, monkey! Absolutely splendid – and the elephants quite obviously consider themselves top of the chain here. But most species make it obvious that they consider man a temporary aberration. Brilliant day – comunal high spirited braai (sp? – Afrikaans for BBQ and v popular here) in the evening.


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