Hello Family & Friends!

Welcome to our Southern African blog.

If you’ve got this far I guess you are interested – or at least slightly curious – but I’m willing to bet (and I don’t bet!) that you’re nowhere near as excited as we are about this trip.

A few words about the layout. The page is in 3 sections:

  • Left column: a sort of page-a-day diary. Currently each page contains just a nice picture and a brief summary of the day’s itinerary but as we go through the trip we will add, internet availability permitting,  hopefully interesting pictures and chat.To see what has happened, or what is going to happen, on a particular day, just click on it!
  • Middle column: The Display Area. Whatever page you click on will be displayed here.
  • Right column: We really, really hope you will contact us with your comments, messages of endearment, promises of money – whatever. A chronological index to your messages will be displayed here so you can look at what others have said. If you don’t want your message made public like this let us know.You can send us a message by just clicking on
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